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30 Day Challenge, Day 27: Favorite Minnesota Vikings Offensive Lineman

Yeah, we don't have many Randall McDaniel pictures. Sorry.
Yeah, we don't have many Randall McDaniel pictures. Sorry.
Joe Kohen/Getty Images

We're at the 90% point of the 30 Day Challenge, folks, and since I've got a few other things going on today, this one's going to be a quick one.

Of all of the offensive linemen that have suited up for the Minnesota Vikings, which one is your all time favorite?

My answer hearkens back to one of the earlier posts in this 30 Day Challenge, when I asked which former Minnesota Vikings great you could bring back. I'm going to go with Hall of Famer Randall McDaniel. I sang a lot of his praises and went over his incredibly impressive resume in the earlier post, so I'm not going to rehash everything he's done again. Sufficient to say, though, in the 31 years that I've been a fan of this team, I haven't seen a more dominant player at any spot on the offensive line for the Minnesota Vikings than Randall McDaniel.

I know that McDaniel eventually got his Super Bowl ring. . .with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (as did the man that played so many years in Minnesota next to McDaniel, center Jeff Christy). It's a damn shame that he didn't get it with Minnesota. He had a couple of solid chances, but wound up having to go elsewhere to get that ultimate prize.

There were very few guards in McDaniel's day that were on the same level as he was. Heck, there were very few players at any position in his day that were at the same level as Randall McDaniel. He was the Minnesota Vikings' best offensive lineman for a very long time, and a dominant force throughout his career. That's why I'm going with him as my favorite Vikings offensive lineman of all time.

Who do you folks have for this one?