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30 Day Challenge, Day 28: All-Time Favorite Minnesota Vikings Running Back

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Only a few days left in the 30 Day Challenge for this month, and we're on the last of our position groups to that need an all-time favorite declared, so let's get to it.

Who is your all-time favorite Minnesota Vikings' running back?

I'm guessing the choice for most people, from an on-field perspective, is a pretty obvious one. And that choice is Adrian Peterson.

When it comes to running the football, there hasn't been a player in the history of the team quite like Peterson. He's got power, he's got speed, he has all of the traits and abilities you want in a running back at the National Football League level, and he's given fans of the Minnesota Vikings a ton of memories over the years. He even brought home a Most Valuable Player Award months after having his knee reconstructed. He's the best running back that's ever suited up for this franchise, and on the short list of the best Minnesota Vikings players of all time.

I'm not going to waste any time getting into the off-field aspects of Adrian Peterson, even though I'm sure it will come up in the comments eventually. Frankly, that discussion is pretty much over.

But on the field, I don't think there's any question about who the best running back in Vikings history is.

Who do you have for this one, folks?