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30 Day Challenge, Day 8: Most Disliked Opposing Coach

Win McNamee/Getty Images

So, welcome to hate dislike week for the 30 Day Challenge, as we take a look at some of the players, coaches, and teams that we love to hate dislike. And, yes, there might even be a couple of negative things about the Minnesota Vikings in there as well. Don't worry, we'll get into the positive stuff again next week, but I have enough negative topics to get a week out of for this, so here we go.

With that, here's today's topic from the 30 Day Challenge.

Of all the opposing coaches that the Minnesota Vikings have faced off against, whatever era you want to focus on, which one did you dislike the most?

If the picture didn't give my selection away, I'll tell you that it's the former head coach of the Chicago Bears, Mike Ditka.

This is really sort of a weird choice for me, because now that he's not on the sidelines anymore, I actually sort of like the guy. But while he was the coach of the Bears. . .man, I couldn't stand Mike Ditka. He's just sort of. . .you know the Celebrity Jeopardy sketches on Saturday Night Live where Norm MacDonald is there doing his Burt Reynolds impression?

That's Ditka. Swear up and down, that's Ditka.

I mean, it didn't help that his Bears teams spent a lot of time getting the better of the Vikings during his tenure, but I just didn't like the guy when he was a coach.

Although I will say that Ditka did give us one of the more entertaining moments in the history of the Metrodome (which he referred to as the Rollerdome). I'm referring to the time where I. . .and pretty much everyone else that was watching the game. . .thought he was going to murder Jim Harbaugh right there on the field. Eric wrote about this in an article we did about some of our favorite memories, but I'll recap it here as well.

The date was 4 October 1992. The Vikings, under first-year coach Dennis Green, trailed the Bears 20-0 going into the fourth quarter at the Metrodome, and the Bears started their first drive of the fourth quarter from its own 33-yard line. Harbaugh called an audible that made running back Neal Anderson the primary receiver on a play. . .an audible that Anderson says he never heard. . .and rather than being ready for the pass from Harbaugh, the ball instead found its way into the hands of safety Todd Scott. Scott took the ball 35 yards for a score, giving the Vikings their first points and starting a rally that ultimately saw the Vikings walk away with a 21-20 victory.

Ditka. . .was. . .angry.

The game would be Ditka's final trip to the Metrodome as the Bears' head coach, as Chicago fired him after that 1992 season.

So, who's the opposing head coach that you dislike the most, Vikings fans?