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Teddy Bridgewater Projected To Make The Leap

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, remember yesterday when we told you that placed Anthony Barr on their list of players expected to make "the leap" in 2015 and speculated that Teddy Bridgewater might make the list with him and Charles Johnson?

Well, guess who slots into the #2 spot on the list?

Yes, Gregg Rosenthal has jumped aboard the Bridgewater bandwagon as well, and why wouldn't he? There are so many things to like about him at this point, given the way he finished the 2014 season.

Like we did with Barr yesterday, we'll let you read most of the article on your own and jump straight to the conclusion.

With Peterson back as the focal point of the offense, Bridgewater might not put up monster fantasy numbers, but he'll be the propeller moving the Vikings forward.

If his play from the final month of the season progresses, Bridgewater will jump to the top 12 to 15 signal callers in the NFL ranks.

While the humble Bridgewater said this year that the Vikings aren't "as good as we think," we believe they can be.

Part of Teddy's expectations are to push the Vikings into playoff contention. From Weeks 12-17 last season, the Vikings lost three games (two to playoff teams) by a total of seven points. By avoiding rookie mistakes, Bridgewater will help turn those close losses into wins.

In the past two years, five of Around The NFL's 45 Making the Leap candidates have been Vikings players. With Peterson back, Bridgewater leaping and Mike Zimmer leading a sneaky-good defense, there is a lot to like about the 2015 Minnesota Vikings.

Well, it's actually six of them that have made the list: Bridgewater, Barr, and Johnson this year along with Xavier Rhodes, Everson Griffen, and Cordarrelle Patterson last year. Either way, we'll take it.

A lot of outlets still appear to be overlooking the Minnesota Vikings going into the 2015 NFL season. Hopefully, that will continue to be the case. . .it's always more enjoyable when your team is under the radar a bit, isn't it?