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Report: Golden Gophers Offer Scholarship To Antoine Winfield, Jr.

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

After signing with the Minnesota Vikings prior to the 2004 season, cornerback Antoine Winfield was one of the best players the purple and gold have ever seen at the position. In coverage, and in particular against the run, Winfield was one of the hardest workers on the field and a leader in every sense for the Minnesota defense.

Now, it looks like sports fans in the Twin Cities might get a chance to witness Winfield: The Next Generation.

According to numerous reports, the Minnesota Golden Gophers have extended a scholarship offer to Antoine Winfield, Jr. He plays the same position as his father, who was a star for THE. . .dramatic pause. . .Ohio State University.

Winfield the younger sounds a lot like his father, even down to their listed playing size. . .Winfield, Sr. was listed at 5'9" and 180 pounds, while 1500 ESPN reports that Winfield, Jr. is 5'9" and 183 pounds.

Per the 1500 ESPN report, Winfield, Jr. also has offers on the table from a couple of other B1G schools in Northwestern and Michigan State. He is entering his senior season at Woodlands (Tx) High School, but started his high school career at Eden Prairie while his father was still playing with the Vikings.

It's entirely possible that Winfield, Jr. is waiting for an offer from his father's alma mater, and it's entirely possible that he'll get one. But after the legacy that Antoine Winfield left with the Vikings, it would be sort of cool to see his son attempting to make a name for himself in the same city at the college level.