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Your First More Than Words Update

A week after the launch of our big project, we have our first update on how things are going with our More Than Words campaign to raise money for Chad Greenway's Lead the Way Foundation. And, to borrow from noted mid-80s philosopher T. Iron Sheik. . .DAILY NORSEMAN NUMBER ONE!

Here are the standings thus far:

Daily Norseman - $412
Vikings Territory - $365
Vike Fans - $30
Vikings Corner - $0
Vikings Journal - $0

So far, the campaign has raised $1,822. Now, you've probably noticed that the numbers posted above don't add up to anywhere near $1,822. In fact, they add up to $787. There's a reason for that, and it has to do with technical glitches that were being dealt with during the early stages of donations. Here's a message from Adam Warwas of Vikings Territory about the issue:

Just over a thousand dollars was donated without crediting one of the five participating sites, which is not a problem and much appreciated! Please contact me, however, if you want to ensure your donation was properly credited to your web site of preference as we did experience some technical difficulties upon launching the effort. If you donated and have the following initials then your donation did not get credited to a particular site: AS, AG, DB, SM, RB, KQ, DH, and AH.

So, if you made a donation and your initials match one of the sets of initials that Adam mentions above, feel free to contact him in order to get your donation credited to the site of your choice.

We've been at it a week, folks, and we're about 20% of the way to our goal. We have until mid-August to get all the way there, so if you'd like to add your donation, please head on over to our donation page for the project and do so.

Thanks in advance to those of you who plan to donate, and thank you to those that have already done so.