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Judge Orders League, Union To Talk Settlement On Adrian Peterson Matter

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

From a fan's perspective, the matter between Adrian Peterson and the National Football League was settled back in April, when the league officially reinstated Peterson after his off-field issues had been resolved. Legally speaking, there are still things to take care of, specifically the lawsuit that Judge David Doty ruled in Peterson's favor on in February that was immediately appealed by the league.

On that front, a federal judge ordered both sides to start negotiating a settlement on the matter, stating that the two sides must "meet in person or telephonically before July 30" to start talking about a deal.

If a deal does not get hammered out before 6 August, the judge has ordered both sides to submit their settlement positions for a conference that will take place on 13 August.

Not being a legal type myself, I'm not entirely sure what still needs to be settled or what's going to be negotiated by the two sides at this hearing or series of hearings. Whatever it is, it appears that the entire saga of Adrian Peterson's 2014 season will officially be in the books by the time the Minnesota Vikings break Training Camp. . .the settlement conference is scheduled for camp's final day.