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Vikings Restructure Adrian Peterson's Contract

The Minnesota Vikings and Adrian Peterson have come to an agreement that includes more guaranteed money for the star running back in 2015 and 2016.

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

It looks like Adrian Peterson will finally get the security he wanted after all.

Just a few months ago, it looked like we couldn't be further from a new Adrian Peterson contract. He was just coming off the commissioner's exemption list and spouting Twitter diatribes about the unfair nature of NFL contracts. His agent Ben Dogra had become public enemy number 1 among the Vikings faithful.

But then AP showed up to OTAs. He finally started saying and doing "the right things". There was "no promise" of a new contract when he returned to the team, but apparently the two sides have built up enough good will for this big announcement:

The terms of the contract haven't been disclosed, but it is believed that the new deal gives Peterson more guaranteed money while cutting his annual base salary and cap hit over the next two seasons. According to Charles Robinson, one of the first writers to break the news:

Regardless of your opinion on Peterson, this is a win/win for both sides. The Vikings are putting their faith in their star running back by giving him more guaranteed money; they're also taking his annual salary and cap hit down to give the team a little more financial flexibility over the next two years.

If it wasn't blatantly obvious before, it is now: the Vikings are all in. They intend to make a playoff push starting this season. Hopefully this contract restructuring can help them achieve that.