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Arif Made A Training Camp Guide, And You Should Buy It

I'm not sure if anyone else has heard anything about this or not, but I'm hearing rumors that the Minnesota Vikings will report to Mankato tomorrow, 25 July, for the start of their 2015 Training Camp. We're working to confirm this rumor and will likely have more about it later.

In the meantime, however, Arif Hasan has put together a Training Camp guide with a complete look at everyone that will be in camp for our favorite football team this summer. You can see a free sample of the guide here and, if you like it enough to purchase it, you can do so right here.

The price of the guide is $25, but we all know the level of work that Arif does when he puts a project together, and this guide is well worth the price. It also goes well beyond just the Vikings' roster, as you can see from the sample.

Arif is going to be providing coverage of Vikings' training camp, both here at at the 27* other sites he writes for. Any proceeds from said guide are going to go towards providing that coverage.

So, if you want something to read while you're getting ready for camp to start. . .and, really, it's Friday, how much are you actually doing. . .get yourself a copy of Arif's Training Camp Guide.

* - Estimate. Actual figure likely higher.