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A Bunch Of Tweets From Minnesota Vikings Camp Reporting Day

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Unfortunately, we didn't have anyone waiting in Mankato when the Minnesota Vikings were reporting to Training Camp on Saturday. But there were a bunch of people that were there, and through the magic of Twitter and the interwebs, we can bring you some of their reactions.

We'll start with the first question on just about everyone's mind. . .How's Teddy Look?

There hasn't been any question about whether Teddy Bridgewater would be ready for camp or not, but a couple of Vikings players have had some offseason injury issues to deal with. Apparently, however, they'll be ready to go on Sunday.

No word on Josh Robinson, though. My guess is that he still starts camp on the PUP list.

Here's another one that I'm guessing a lot of folks will be interested in.

There was plenty of time for humor on arrival day as well.

And we've got a personnel update for you as well.

Interesting. Harris got some time at guard during the Buffalo game last year, but as Master Tesfastion says there, he was Phil Loadholt's replacement at right tackle last season following his injury. Add another name to the right guard free for all.

Those are some of the highlights of the Vikings reporting to Mankato to start preparing for the 2015 NFL season, folks. We'll have much more for you as camp gets underway on Sunday.