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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Day One Open Thread

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like there are going to be two Open Threads on days that there are Training Camp practices. J-Dog made this nice Twitter widget of folks that are covering camp, but for some reason it doesn't work when it gets inserted into FanPosts. It does, however, work on front page posts. Hence the reason we have two.

The Training Camp open threads are for discussion of Training Camp stuff only. For your regular Open Thread shenanigans, J-Dog and Gone Fishin' will continue to handle those every day in the "regular" Open Threads. There are some days that there isn't practice happening in Mankato, and those days will only have the one discussion thread.

Here is the list that J-Dog put together for your information needs.

There will be two practices today. . .a walk-thru that will start at 10:30 AM Central, and a "shells" practice that will start at 2:45 PM. Things will officially get underway about an hour from now.

I'd like to ask that there not be any GIFs or anything in the Training Camp threads that could potentially slow things down, as there will be people looking for the latest info.

With that, football is finally back, ladies and gentlemen!