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An NFC North Roundtable For Your Listening Pleasure

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

While you're waiting for the first practice of Minnesota Vikings Training Camp. . .and, seriously, that's what we're all doing at this point. . .we have a look at the whole division for you to listen to.

I had the opportunity to sit down for the second time with Ron and Kiel from the Football is America podcast. This time, however, I was not alone. . .I was joined by Jeremy Reisman from our sister site, Pride of Detroit, as well as Larry Dyer from the Chicago Bears Review. There wasn't a Green Bay representative on the podcast, but we still had a pretty good time with things anyway.

You can listen to the podcast right here if you're interested. If you have more time to kill, you can check out the Vikings-centric sit down I did with Larry for the Chicago Bears Review right here.

With the Vikings' season finally getting underway, we'll hopefully have more of these sorts of things on the horizon.