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2015 NFL Power Rankings: Minnesota Vikings Gaining Momentum

Photograph provided by Thad Chesley

For the most part, it's probably still too early to be taking NFL Power Rankings seriously, but they do provide a bit of fodder for conversation. We had another set come out yesterday from a guy that got an opportunity to look at the Vikings first-hand already.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports. . .who, yes, we've had our differences with in the past. . .has put out his preseason Power Rankings, and he seems to like the Minnesota Vikings more than most. He has the Vikings at #13 in his rankings, pegging them as a team that could make a jump into a post-season spot.

With the way Prisco's rankings are set, the Vikings are currently the #7 team in the NFC. Right now they sit behind Green Bay (#1 overall), Seattle (#3), Dallas (#4), Arizona (#8), Philadelphia (#11), and Carolina (#12). In my opinion, having anyone ahead of Seattle in the NFC is kind of silly. . .they've won the conference the past two years and there's nothing that makes me think they shouldn't be the favorites to do it again. Not totally sure about the Panthers being ahead of the Vikings, either, although I guess that league rules mandate that someone has to win the NFC South.

As far as the NFC North, Prisco seems to be higher on the Chicago Bears than a lot of folks are, too. . .in fact, his lowest-ranked NFC North team is not the Bears, who he has at #15. That honor actually goes to the Detroit Lions, who are at #17 on Prisco's list.

Prisco doesn't seem to like the Vikings as much as SI's Peter King does. . .King has the Vikings at #6 in his preseason rankings. . .but he can recognize a team on the upswing when he sees one.