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Vikings Possibly Relocating. . .Their Team Headquarters

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

No, sorry, Minnesota Vikings haters. . .your stupid "Los Angeles Vikings" pipe dreams are still exactly that. A pipe dream.

And also stupid.

Rather, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, there is word swirling around that the Vikings could potentially be moving the team headquarters from Eden Prairie to Chanhassen as part of a larger development opportunity.

Per the Star-Tribune:

A piece of the sprawling Chanhassen site near Hazeltine National Golf Club where the team's headquarters might move already is on a developer's radar for a possible lifestyle center with shops, restaurants, offices and housing.

Its retail portion alone would be roughly the size of Edina's Galleria or the Shops at West End in St. Louis Park. The entire project would be the largest ever built in Chanhassen, boosting the land's taxable value from less than $10 million to an estimated $100 million.

The team's Winter Park offices, so named for Max Winter, one of the team's original owners, were established in Eden Prairie in 1981. Despite the Wilf family putting several upgrades into the facilities, they're still lacking compared to what other NFL teams have to offer, which could be the impetus for the team moving to a new location. The article also, briefly, touches on the possibility of the Wilfs developing the current Winter Park site themselves.

There hasn't been a timetable announced for the Vikings making their decision, but it's interesting that the news is out there in the first place.