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Minnesota Vikings Hire New Doctors

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

18 days until the first Training Camp practice, folks!

In the meantime, the big news that we have to bring you today, the Minnesota Vikings have hired a group of new team doctors. The news comes from our friend Tom Pelissero at USA Today.

Larson is associated with Twin Cities Orthopedics, as are a couple of the new specialists that the team has hired.

The team was, originally, working with the folks from Tria Orthopedic Center, and a couple of their folks will be staying on the staff.

In other health-related news, Certified Athletic Trainer Eric Sugarman™ will remain on the team and continue to work his special brand of magic on injured Minnesota Vikings players.

The off-season, ladies and gentlemen. . .thank goodness it's coming to a close.