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Donovan McNabb Arrested For DUI

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While we're celebrating the current Minnesota Vikings' quarterback that wears the number 5, the guy that played the position and wore it before him isn't doing nearly as well lately.

Former Vikings (and Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles) quarterback Donovan McNabb was arrested and charged with driving under the influence on 28 June. It's McNabb's second arrest for DUI in the last 18 months.

McNabb's stint in Minnesota in 2011 was. . .well, it wasn't good, as he won only one game and was last seen getting up with a smile on his face after taking a sack for a safety against the Chicago Bears. He was eventually benched during that game, and released later on in the season.

No word at the present time as to whether or not the lazy schmoes that track NFL arrests will attempt to classify this as a member of the Minnesota Vikings getting arrested. But, really, would it surprise anyone if they did?