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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Day 17 Open Thread

Photograph provided by Thad Chesley

We're down to the final three days of Training Camp for the Minnesota Vikings in Mankato, folks. Fresh off of their 14-3 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, the team got Monday off, but now they're back on the field.

Per Ben Goessling of, the schedule for today has changed a bit. There will not be a morning walkthrough for the team, only the afternoon session that will run from 2:45 PM to 5:00 PM Central. That will be getting underway roughly an hour from now.

Once again, we have our widget set up for you to track what everyone's talking about in Mankato.

As usual, we ask that the regular Open Thread antics be reserved for the daily Open Thread, with this one being used for Training Camp/football discussion exclusively.

Minnesota Vikings Training Camp is almost over, ladies and gentlemen. . .and we're still a month from the regular season. Thank you for hanging with us as we, like our favorite team, get ready for the 2015 NFL season.