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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Day Eight Open Thread

Photograph provided by Thad Chesley

We're a mere week away from the Minnesota Vikings taking the field for the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio against the Pittsburgh Steelers, ladies and gentlemen. In the meantime, Training Camp continues to happen in Mankato, and we're doing what we can to bring you the best coverage of things.

Today, in addition to Arif, both Jackson and wludford will be taking in the action in Mankato. Hopefully they'll have a synopsis of some of the things they see today at some point. You can follow wludford on Twitter right here, and Jackson on Twitter right here. In addition to them, we have all of the usual suspects in our Twitter widget for you to track all of the happenings at Training Camp.

The practice schedule for today is a little bit different from previous days. There is only going to be one practice session on this Sunday, and it will start at 2:00 PM Central time, or a little less than an hour from now.

If anything breaks, we'll have it here for you, folks.