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Daily Norseman Fantasy League

Participate in our contest to earn a spot in the official Daily Norseman fantasy football league!

You know what we need a little more of around here?  Contests!  Skol Girl got us started off yesterday with the Mr. Mankato contest, and for those of you interested in fantasy football, we've got another contest for you!

Every new season brings us new players, coaches and topics for us fantasy football fanatics to use to come up with the best, most hilarious team names we can think of.  One of my favorites last year was the very topic Skol Girl used for her contest: Adam Thielen and the endless "Hooked on a Thielen" puns that his name spawned.  So, how is this contest going to work?

We want to see the best fantasy football names you can come up, and then the DN readership will vote on the best ones!  The winners will earn an invite to the official DN Fantasy League.  There will be pretty quick turnaround on all of this, so pay attention. There are 6 spots up for grabs in the official DN fantasy league that includes myself, Christopher Gates, Eric Thompson, Arif Hasan, MarkSP18 and Jackson McIntire. We'll end up with a 12-team league of which the results will be tracked and shared with the DN community during my weekly Frigga Fantasy Football articles.  So if you're interested in participating in the fantasy league, then put in an entry!

Here are the rules.

1. To participate, leave ONE comment with your best fantasy football name (Vikings related will probably earn you more points with the voters!).

2.  If you post more than one fantasy name, I will use whatever you posted first for your official contest entry.  If you'd rather not enter the contest but just want to share hilarious names, please make a note that you'd rather not participate in your comment, or else I WILL include your team name in the vote counting!

3. If you like a particular fantasy football team name, vote for it by giving it a recommendation!  (ie, click the "rec" button underneath the comment).  You the readers get to decide who participates in the official DN fantasy league.

4. 48 hours from now, I'll mine the comments and tally up the winners.  The six fantasy team names that receive the most votes (err, "recs"), will receive invites to the Yahoo! fantasy league.  We will use the email address associated with your DN user account to send the invite, so make sure that is current before your enter the contest.

5. If your team name is chosen as one of the winners, please accept the Yahoo! invite within 24 hours.  Any invite that is not accepted within 24 hours will be canceled, and the next person on the vote list will get an invite in your place.  With the season starting in exactly 2 weeks, we can't afford to wait on anyone to get a draft day nailed down before then.

To get things started, I figured I would share one of the fantasy team names that I've been using in a bunch of my fantasy leagues this year.  I coined this one on twitter a few weeks ago:

Diggs Darklighter

Diggs Darklighter

And with that...the contest is open...comment away!  And don't forget...rec the ones you like!

P.S. If you're looking for people to fill your fantasy leagues, please create a fanpost about it and ask for team owners through that route.  We'd like to keep the comments section devoted to contest entries if possible, thanks in advance!