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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp Day Nine Open Thread

Photograph provided by Thad Chesley

The Minnesota Vikings are back at it in Mankato on this Monday, ladies and gentlemen, and the schedule is back to what we're used to.

The morning walkthrough will be getting underway at approximately 10:30 AM Central time. . .or, roughly, right now. That will run until 11:30 AM, and then there will be the afternoon full pads session from 2:45 to 5:00 PM Central time.

Jackson McIntire and wludford are already down in Mankato to keep track of things for us, and you can hear what they and the rest of the Vikings' media has to say with our handy Twitter widget for your reading pleasure.

You can also check out wludford's look at yesterday's practice sessions right here.

Since it is a weekday and we do have the usual Daily Open Thread for your regular tomfoolery, we ask that you use that thread for that sort of thing and this one to discuss what's going on down in Mankato.

Our apologies for getting this out there a little later than usual, folks. Enjoy!