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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp: Day 13 Open Thread

Photograph provided by Thad Chesley

It's the last day of practice before the Minnesota Vikings and Pittsburgh Steelers engage in battle. . .well, "battle". . .in Canton, Ohio for the Hall of Fame Game to kick off the 2015 NFL preseason. The Vikings' practice schedule will look a little different today than it has for most of camp.

There will still be two practices today. The first one will get underway much earlier than usual, with practice starting at 8:30 AM Central and running until 10:40 AM. Later on, the team will conduct a walkthrough that will go from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM Central time. After that, it will be time for everyone to pack up and get ready to leave for Ohio.

Once again, we ask for the regular Open Thread chicanery to be limited to the daily thread, which someone should be along with any time now. For those interested in what's going on at camp, we have our widget for you to see what the media types are saying.

Skol Girl will be live in Mankato today among all the other media folks.

That's what we've got for Training Camp stuff today, ladies and gentlemen. Everything should be getting underway from Mankato in less than an hour.