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Hall of Fame Game: Game Time, TV Channel, Radio, Streaming and More

Chris Doleman will be watching. Will you?
Chris Doleman will be watching. Will you?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not sure if everyone is aware of this or not, but we're less than 24 hours away from Minnesota Vikings football. No, not guys out there in t-shirts and shorts and helmets with no hitting or anything. . .actual, honest-to-goodness football, as they take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the annual Hall of Fame Game. Yeah, I can hardly believe it, either.

So, how can you follow along with all of the action from Canton? Let's fill you in.

Television Info

This is the first game of the 2015 NFL (pre)season, with coverage starting at 7:00 PM Central on Sunday, and is going to be televised nationally on NBC. That means that Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth will be coming up with witty stories right around the start of the second quarter as the starters are taken out of the game.

It's my understanding that the NBC crew will have Mick Tingelhoff in the booth at some point during the game, as he's being inducted into the Hall of Fame on Saturday night. I'm not sure when that will happen, but that's still pretty cool.

Our Canadian friends can take this one in on TSN 3/4. (As I'm not Canadian, I have no idea what in the heck that is.)

It doesn't appear that NFL UK has any information on this game being broadcast in the UK anywhere.

This game will be on the American Forces Network, specifically on AFN Sports. Kickoff is scheduled for 0100Z on Monday, which is 0200L in Central Europe, 0430L in Afghanistan, and 0900L in Japan and Korea.

Radio Info

Once again, if you're using the radio, your game experience will be called by the dulcet tones of Paul Allen and Pete Bercich on the Vikings Radio Network. We have a full list of Vikings Radio Network affiliates right here for you. . .go ahead and find the closest one to your area.

If you're going the satellite radio route, you can find the Vikings' feed on Sirius 92 and XM 225. The Steelers feed, should you want their perspective, can be found on Sirius 93 and XM 226. The national feed from Westwood One will be on Channel 88 (NFL Radio) on both Sirius and XM radios.

Referee Info

According to the folks at Football Zebras, the officiating crew will be a mixed group, led by head referee Carl Cheffers. Not Pete Morelli, the NFL's worst referee, who is still the NFL's worst referee.

Streaming Info

It appears that NBC Sports is going to have a live stream of the game that is 100% legal. If you're overseas, the one legal stream will come from the utilization of NFL Game Pass, which is awesome.

As far as other streams are concerned, do NOT. . .and I mean not in any way, shape, or form. . .promote illegal streaming sites on The Daily Norseman. Not in the comments, not in the FanPosts, not in the FanShots, not in the Game Thread on Sunday, not anywhere. Don't even hint at them. Trust me on this. If you're that determined to watch the game via an illegal stream, do a Google search and find it on your own. And be sure to enjoy your malware.

That should be everything necessary to follow the first game of the 2015 NFL preseason, ladies and gentlemen. We'll have the Open Thread for tomorrow's game up about an hour before kickoff or so.