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Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers: Third Quarter Open Thread

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Join in on the commentary as the Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers kick off the second half.

This game so far, in one picture.
This game so far, in one picture.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

We're halfway through the first game of the season in San Francisco. (Well, technically Santa Clara, but you get the point.)

There are a lot of words you could use to describe the first half between the Minnesota Vikings and San Francisco 49ers. "Pretty" is not one of those words.

We saw more woes from the kicking game. We saw an offensive lineman basically sack his own quarterback. (Good work, T.J. Clemmings!) We saw a pretty blatant pass interference call that prevented a Mike Wallace touchdown not called. We saw dropped passes. We saw a punt returned for a touchdown that was called back by a penalty. (Mike Zimmer inexplicably allowed Jeff Locke to punt the ball again after a running into the kicker penalty just before that penalty.)

The penalties. So. Many. Penalties. Ten of them in all, more than total points scored in the first half.

But yes, we did have some points scored with only 47 seconds remaining. Carlos Hyde pushed the B button on the Vikings defense and found the end zone:

Carlos Hyde B Button

Finally, we saw a comedy of errors in the closing seconds, as Teddy Bridgewater sent not one but two Hail Mary passes to...the 20 yard line of San Francisco. (Only after Mike Zimmer thought about letting Blair Walsh kick a 63-yard field goal, but then mercifully came to his senses.)

Here are some key statistics:

Adrian Peterson has a total of six touches for 33 total yards. Let me say that again.


Bridgewater is 9/15 for 94 yards, which was largely padded by meaningless yards just before the half.

Carlos Hyde has 83 rushes on 12 carries including the touchdown.

Charles Johnson has zero catches for zero yards.

Mike Wallace leads the team in receptions (3) and yards (45).

The Vikings have zero sacks.

The Vikings have zero points.

Chime in below as we follow along with the third quarter action. The Vikings will start with the ball, which is nice. It can't get much worse! (Can it?)