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Norse Code Podcast Episode 83: Monday Night Autopsy—The Botch In the Bay

We dissect the performance in the San Francisco and then include a bit about setting your fantasy rosters at the end of the podcast, as well as updates about the league.

Be forewarned, this episode contains a good deal more profanity than most of our episodes and has been tagged "explicit" in podcasting services because of it. San Francisco forced our hand.

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Episode Notes:

  • Ben Goessling at ESPN predicted the "shotgun" running problem (in quotes because many of these snaps were at pistol depth but shotgun formation) in a piece from November 4 last year. In it, he explains that Peterson only had 86 such runs from that formation.
  • He also has a piece up dissecting Peterson's performance from the 'gun and under center. In 2012-2013, his runs from shotgun averaged 4.93 yards per carry. That's pretty good. When the QB is under center, it was 5.39. That's far better—though it doesn't look like Goessling's piece got rid of the third and short or goal line carries. Who knows? It's a small sample anyway.
  • This was my summary of the game.

Two youtube videos today. The first is the Bomani Jones bit:

Then, after that, Bob Marley's redemption.


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