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Thielen the Love, Part 2--the Results

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I gotta Thielen you're going to want to find out whose song won our Mr. Mankato song spoof contest.

Admiral Big Gun, you outdid yourself with this picture.
Admiral Big Gun, you outdid yourself with this picture.

On Thursday, September 3, 2015, the Minnesota Vikings will play their final preseason game and Adam Thielen's reign as Mr Mankato will officially come to an end. Well, as officially as a made-up title awarded by the amorphous blob that is the media can make something.

Last week, in a salute to the out-going Mr. Mankato, I issued a contest challenge to the Daily Norseman's readers--create a song spoof using Adam Thielen's name. Turns out, not only is Thielen's name fun to drop into songs, it is dead easy. This made for a potent combo and, before I knew what I had gotten myself into, I had a hefty comment thread full of parodies.

We were Thielen groovy and Thielen in the years. We were Thielen fascination, dancing on the Thielen, borrowing a Thielen, looking California but Thielen Minnesota, and experiencing sexual Thielen (a little creepy). It's almost like the Thielen can't hold us because Thielen is just alright and it definitely had us Thielen alright. Nope, we couldn't fight this Thielen, don't stop the Thielen, that peaceful, easy Thielen. People were Thielen this contest and, even though he wasn't going to be Mr. Mankato anymore, we refused to lose that lovin' Thielen. If you thought so then you had another Thielen coming.

It took awhile to narrow down the list of all those Thielen parodies and it made for a weird few days. There I was, unloading the dishwasher with "Thielen in the rain, just Thielen in the rain!" going through my head. Or I'd be exercising and find I was doing crunches with Flo Rida in my head singing about how sometimes he had a good Thielen.

Choosing a winning song from the more than 40 submissions was too much for one Thielen-addled brain, so I enlisted the DN writers to assist me. They're a helpful group and the fact that there was a good chance they would get the songs stuck in their heads too made me smile. Votes were cast for seven different songs, but, eventually, we had a winner.

In second place was "Thielen It," ATNPrime's submission of Jay-Z's song "Feelin' It." Our people's choice winner with 22 recs was JohnK87's REO Speedwagon spoof "Can't Fight This Thielen."

Grand prize and winner of our coveted (okay, not so much) Burger King crown was ICVIKING's spoof of Jane's Addiction's "Been Caught Stealing'".

Been Caught Thielen

Passes caught by Thielen, more than once, from number 5

I enjoy Thielen, it’s just as simple as that

Well it’s just a simple fact

He wants a roster spot, man, he’s gonna play for it

He shouldn’t have had to worry anymore

After the punt block that he took in for a score

Hey all right, Thielen and 5

That’s sounds fine,

Fine, fine so fine, hey…

And, just in case you want the melody to go along with the Thielen-ized words, here it is.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Congratulations, ICVIKING!

And, to Adam Thielen as he relinquishes his Mr. Mankato title, domo arigato, Mr. Mankato.