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Expect Light Rail Delays Enroute To TCF Bank Stadium

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

If you're planning on utilizing the Twin Cities' light rail system to make your way to TCF Bank Stadium for this afternoon's matchup between the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit Lions, you might want to either start out a little earlier or make alternative plans.

Per numerous sources, including the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, protests are planned for the Green Line of the light rail system today prior to the game. The Green Line is the route that serves TCF Bank Stadium.

Protesters will be gathering starting at approximately 9:30 AM Central time on Lexington near University Avenue. That's about seven stops to the east of the Stadium Village.

Once again, if you're planning on taking the light rail to TCF Bank Stadium for today's game, please either make alternate arrangements or allow for a little more time for your trip.

And yes, the comments are closed. If you're unsure as to why that is, I'm just going to assume you're new here. This post is largely for informational purposes. . .seriously, we want as many Vikings fans to make it to TCF Bank Stadium today as we can get.