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Norse Code Podcast Episode 85: Stafford Harassment and Ragnargazi

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Norse Code talks about the deeply important controversies surrounding the Vikings today, namely a contract dispute with an unofficial mascot. Oh, and we review the Lions game.

So the Vikings demolished the Lions and all many can talk about is the contract dispute the Vikings have with a mascot, which is so quintessentially Minnesota sports that we can't resist doing the same in the podcast. We have real, genuine football content as well and it's well worth a listen.

I also give DFS advice if you're into that.

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Episode Notes:

  • Please let us know if the audio is better.
  • Here's a piece by Michael Rand about Ragnar that has two interesting tidbits: one, a humorous editorial in the Chicago Tribune calling for the Bears to sign Ragnar; two, some information about mascot pay that disagrees with the info I got—functionally saying that Ragnar may have priced himself out.
  • Here's a petition to bring Ragnar back.
  • Oh, and this is the original story in the Strib about Ragnar from, again, Michael Rand. The video at the top of that piece (not autoplay) also makes some good points.
  • The Vikings did a bit on 100% Cheese Free about the time he followed Randy Moss to the Patriots to catch him one more time.

And some videos for you!

First, the harassment of Matt Stafford.

Second, Blair Walsh's proposed pump-up video. Uh, full video here.

Third, a cool feature on 100% Cheese Free, that happened to follow him to the 2007 game against the Chargers that Adrian Peterson set the single-game rushing record.

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