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Minnesota Vikings vs. San Diego Chargers: Game Time, Channel, Radio, Streaming, and More

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Get all the information you need about the Week 3 matchup between the Vikings and Chargers.

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

We are just two short days away from the Minnesota Vikings hosting the San Diego Chargers for the first time in eight years. If you're wondering how you can follow along on Sunday, we've got you covered.

Television Info

For the second straight week the Vikings will be kicking off at the normal 12:00 PM Central time. For the third straight week, the game will be on a different channel. This week the game is airing on CBS and channel 707 on DirecTV. Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts will be in the booth calling the game with Evan Washburn as sideline reporter. It's actually the "primary" noon game for CBS this week, which means that a lot of affiliates will be carrying it. Here's the distribution map via 506 Sports. Everyone that will carry the game is in red:

Week 3 CBS early games

The good news: more out-of-state fans will be able to see the game than a typical Sunday. The bad news: this is practically a "national" game, and we all know how the Vikings perform on a bigger stage.

If you're across the pond, you can catch the game on NFL Game Pass. (Thanks to NFL UK for that info.) Once again it does not appear that the game will be carried on the American Forces Network for our men and women serving overseas.

Radio Info

If you're going to be in your car or you'd just rather listen to the baritone homerisms of Paul Allen and Pete Bercich for the game, you can find a complete list of Vikings Radio Network affiliates here. If you're on satellite radio the game can be found on XM Channel 230 or Sirius Channel 121. If you're using the SiriusXM online app, you can get the Vikings feed on their permanent home, Channel 817.

Referee Info

According to the folks at Football Zebras, Terry McAulay and his crew will be in charge of the flags at TCF Bank Stadium. It's this guy:

Terry McAulay

Streaming Info

Here is your weekly reminder about the legal streaming of NFL games. It's the part where we remind you that you should NOT promote illegal streaming sites in any way, shape, or form on Daily Norseman. And just to drive the point home, MTweedt70 had this excellent comment on last week's post:

I will not promote illegal streams,
I will not put them in a meme.

I will not post them from my car,
I will not mention them in a bar.

I will not use them while riding a stallion,
I will not use them to avoid Paul Allen. (well... maybe sometimes)

I will not link to them in a fan post,
I will not share them while eating my toast.

I will not provide them in the comments,
I would not do it in a Canadian province.

I would not do it in the U.S. of A,
I will not do it anytime of day.

I will not post them here,
I will not post them there,
I will not post them anywhere!

I will not promote illegal streams,
Lest I be banned and get my ass reamed.

Couldn't have said it better myself. That should be all the information you need to be able to follow along with all the action in Week 3. The Open Thread should be up and ready to go approximately an hour before kickoff.