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Norse Code Podcast Episode 86: An Interview With Kyle Posey from Bolts from the Blue

We had some issues with the podcast, so all we could preserve was the interview with Kyle Posey. The good news is that this is the best part of the show, but it's missing a lot of other features. Hopefully you still enjoy it. Also missing is a big push for additional donations through either Paypal or Patreon because we're running out of server space.

Hopefully, despite the issues mentioned above, you still enjoy the show. Kyle is a fantastic guess and he's a smart analyst.

*****Download Link Here*****

Episode Notes:

  • First things first, here's Kyle Posey's fantastic breakdown of Teddy Bridgewater's deep ball struggles in college back before the 2014 draft.
  • There's a lot of great film breakdowns of the Chargers from Posey at his author page at Bolts from the Blue, here.
  • An example piece, here, shows the breakdowns of the statistics he was recording. Missed tackles, blocking "wins," tackles for loss, QB hits, sacks and so on.
  • We are running out of server space, so it's critical that we get as much support from folks like you as possible so we can upgrade our storage plan. Please consider the Patreon page, where you can donate anywhere between $1 and $1000 a month to support the podcast. If you don't want to do anything recurring (understandable), head over to and check out the donate link there for a one-time donation.

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