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Daily Norseman Survivor Pool Looking Awfully Empty

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I've often joked about how terrible I am at the Survivor Pool that we run every year through Yahoo! Sports. I believe the longest I've managed to go has been Week 3. This year, I got knocked out in the second week of the NFL season.

However, after the carnage that took place last week, I'm not alone.

We lost 19 of our players after Week 1, which I suppose is to be expected. However, after two weeks of NFL action, our NFL Survivor Pool is down to. . .seven people. Why? Because our collective Week 2 picks looked like this:

DN Survivor Carnage

Yes, the six most popular selections in our Survivor pool last week all went down to defeat. I was part of the nearly half of selectors that went with New Orleans. . .should have known better. But, in my defense, they were my second choice. I switched my pick from St. Louis at the last minute.

Good call, me!

Of the seven people that survived last week, four of them went with Pittsburgh (over San Francisco), two went with Arizona (over Chicago), and one went with Cincinnati (over San Diego).

I'm sure that Survivor Pools everywhere look a lot like ours does this week. . .I just wanted to sort of highlight how weird Week 2 of the 2015 NFL season was, and this was my first chance to do so out after being out of the loop for a few days.

Best of luck to our seven remaining contestants moving forward!