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Vikings At Titans: Game Time, Channel, Radio, Streaming, Predictions and More

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Man, have I been late on the ball with this one this week. So much so that we're going to go ahead and combine our prediction post and our game coverage post into one, like a preseason Voltron. Here is our regular prediction widget, courtesy of The Crowd's Line, for tonight's game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Titans.

And, with that, here's a look at all of the ways that you can follow the action of tonight's final preseason game.

Television Info

After last week's game was an hour earlier than we've come to expect, tonight's game is back to the regular preseason starting time of 7:00 PM Central time. In the Twin Cities, you can catch the game on KMSP-9, the FOX affiliate. In addition, the following other local stations will be airing the game as well.

WDIO (ABC/10-13 - Duluth, MN)
KTTC (CW/10.2 - Rochester, MN)
KEYC (FOX/12.2 - Mankato, MN)
KVRR (FOX/15 - Fargo, ND)
KNDX (FOX/26 - Bismarck, ND)
KXND (FOX/24 - Minot, ND)
KSFY (CW/13.2 - Sioux Falls, SD)
KOTA (MeTV/3.2 - Rapid City, SD)
KGAN (CBS/2 - Cedar Rapids, IA)
KCCI (MeTV/8.2 - Des Moines, IA)
KPTH (FOX/44 - Sioux City, IA)
WHBF (CBS/4 - Quad Cities, IA)
WKBT (My/8.2 - La Crosse, WI)

In addition, the following stations will be airing the Titans version of the game, where the announcers will be Cory Curtis and Eddie George.

WKRN (ABC/2 - Nashville, TN)
WMC (NBC/5 - Memphis, TN)
WATE (ABC/6 - Knoxville, TN)
WDSI (FOX/61 - Chattanooga, TN)
WJKT (FOX/16 - Jackson, TN)
WJHL (CBS/11 - Tri-Cities, TN)
WZDX (FOX/54 - Huntsville, AL)
WPSD (NBC/6 - Paducah, KY)
KAIT (NBC/8.2 - Jonesboro, AR)
KHON (CW/2.2 - Honolulu, HI)

So, the Titans are big in Hawai'i. Who knew?

If you can't catch the game live, the NFL Network will be re-airing it at 3:00 PM Central time on Saturday, 5 September, and 2:00 AM Central on Sunday, 6 September.

Radio Info

Paul Allen and Pete Bercich will handle the call on the Vikings Radio Network, and their commentary will be simulcast. . .for better or for worse. . .on the television broadcast as well. If you need to find your local affiliate, here's a list of radio stations that will carry the game.

If you'll be listening on satellite radio, your only option. . .for whatever reason. . .is the Titans feed on Sirius or XM Channel 102. You can use the SiriusXM online app to find the Vikings' feed, if you have it, on Internet Channel 817.

Referee Info

The officiating crew for tonight's game will be headed by Brad Allen, according to the folks from Football Zebras. Pete Morelli, the NFL's worst official, will be in Foxboro screwing up the game between the Giants and the Patriots. Better them than us.

Streaming Info

Be sure to check out CCNorseman's post right here about legal streaming of NFL games. It runs down all of the legal ways to stream NFL action.

As far as other streams are concerned, do NOT. . .and I mean not in any way, shape, or form. . .promote illegal streaming sites on The Daily Norseman. Not in the comments, not in the FanPosts, not in the FanShots, not in the Game Thread on Sunday, not anywhere. Don't even hint at them. Trust me on this. If you're that determined to watch the game via an illegal stream, do a Google search and find it on your own. Hopefully it turns your computer into a glorified paperweight.

And that should be all the information you need to be able to follow along with all the action of the final game of the 2015 preseason. The Open Thread will be up and ready to go approximately an hour before kickoff.