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SKOL Around the World

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The NFL continues to gain worldwide popularity so we're looking at the Daily Norseman's readers around the world.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

This preseason one of the popular storylines for Minnesota Vikings fans has been the development of Babatunde Aiyegbusi, an offensive line prospect from Poland. Considered something of a longshot to make the team, the 6'9" 350lb Aiyegbusi did not play college football, but played American football in Poland and Germany.  For many American football fans, myself included, Aiyegbusi was interesting, maybe even surprising, because he was an example of how popular the NFL was in the rest of the world. A similar story has been going on with the Vikings' Week 1 opponents the San Francisco 49ers as they evaluate Australian former Rugby League star Jarryd Hayne.

While the popularity of the NFL in general is interesting, my team bias makes the Vikings' popularity around the world more interesting to me.

I monitor/manage the Daily Norseman's Facebook page and that gives me access to lots of statistical information about our page likes. As I write this, we have 9,482 page likes on the DN Facebook page. Before I started looking at the statistical insights I had the mistaken idea that all those were from people in the United States. Not so.

While the bulk of our Facebook friends are from the States (8,576), we have 906 friends from other countries,  about 9.6%. Sure Canada and the United Kingdom represent the countries with the most Vikings fans who are friends with us (102 and 87 respectively), I never would have guessed that the country with the third most DN friends was Nigeria.

In honor of fans all over the world who follow the Purple and Gold, we'll be featuring Vikings fans from different countries on the Daily Norseman Facebook page from now until the season opener. International fan? We'd love to hear how you became a Vikings fan. SKOL!