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Minnesota Vikings Release Ryan Whalen

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

We have another cut out of Winter Park, and this one isn't too much of a surprise.

Per numerous sources, the team has released wide receiver Ryan Whalen. The team signed Whalen on 2 August.

Prior to being with the Vikings, Whalen played for the Cincinnati Bengals. He played for them from 2011 to 2013, and was not in the National Football League in 2014.

Whalen caught four passes in the preseason finale against the Tennessee Titans, racking up 65 yards, including a 27-yard reception. However, he has not caught a pass in the regular season in the NFL since 2012, and if he catches one any time soon, it doesn't appear that he'll do so in a Minnesota Vikings uniform. The Vikings just have too many other options at the wide receiver position at this point, and Whalen was a long shot at best.

That means the Vikings are now down to 66 players, meaning they have to make 13 more roster moves before 3:00 PM Central, which is approximately two hours from now. We're tracking all of the moves for you right here.