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Dubose, Faciane, Hickman Are Vikings' Final Three Cuts

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Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it only took about two hours after the 3:00 PM Central time deadline, but the Minnesota Vikings finally announced the last three cuts they had to make in order to get down to the 53-player limit. They had to cut three more players to get there, and we have those three here.

On the offensive side, we have guard Isame Faciane. Faciane was in his second year with the Vikings, but his first as an offensive lineman as he was making the transition from defensive tackle this season. He had his moments, but as you'd probably expect, he was fairly raw and needs significantly more time to develop if he's going to be a potential long-term answer at guard. He might be a candidate to spend another season on the practice squad.

Along with Faciane, the Vikings released his former Florida International teammate, defensive tackle Greg Hickman. Hickman was signed by the Vikings after the start of camp, and while he wasn't awful or anything, there were just too many hurdles ahead of him to be able to make a dent at the defensive tackle spot for the Vikings.

Minnesota's last cut was also a defensive lineman, and only the second of their ten draft picks to not make the final cut, as the team parted ways with defensive lineman B.J. Dubose. Dubose was a teammate of Teddy Bridgewater's at Louisville, and was one of the team's two sixth-round selections in the 2015 NFL Draft. And, like the other player the Vikings took in the sixth round. . .offensive lineman Tyrus Thompson. . .Dubose got a visit from the Turk on Saturday.

So, the Vikings have their 53-man roster. Well, they have their first incarnation of the 53-man roster, which you can see right here. It's probably going to change quite a bit over the next few days, and the team will be forming their 10-man practice squad as well.