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FanDuel And SB Nation Team Up For Fantasy Football

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Editor's Note: FanDuel is running a $1,000,000 fantasy football league in week 1. The Top 46,000 teams win cash with $100,000 paid to first place. Join now!

For the second season in a row, the SB Nation family of football blogs is teaming up with the folks at FanDuel to bring you the best in weekly fantasy football action.

For those of you that have never participated in this sort of fantasy football league before, it's a fairly simple undertaking. FanDuel has leagues with all sorts of buy-in levels, and you get to pick a new team every week. There's a salary cap, so you have to balance what positions you want to stack and where you're willing to possibly take a bit of a hit, but that's part of the strategy.

Every week, we will bring you a look at what's going on with FanDuel in that particular week. For the opening week of the season, there's going to be a $1 million league that you can join for a $5 buy-in. It's very easy to do.

All you need to do is sign up for FanDuel and enter the SB Nation league with this link right here. Pick your team, and then sit back and track your team as they (hopefully) bring you to fantasy football glory.

We hope to see you in the SB Nation FanDuel league for Week 1 of the 2015 NFL season, ladies and gentlemen!