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Minnesota Vikings Awarded No Players On Waivers

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The 12:00 noon Central time for waiver claims to be processed has come and gone. The following is a list of all of the players that were awarded to the Minnesota Vikings.



That's right. The Vikings were awarded no players in the waiver claim process, per the NFL's transaction logs. That isn't to say that they didn't attempt to claim anybody. . .we don't know that one way or another. But it's entirely possible that any players they attempted to claim were also claimed by one of the ten teams ahead of them on the waiver priority list.

Offensive tackle Tyrus Thompson, who the Vikings waived as part of their final cuts yesterday, cleared waivers and has been placed on injured reserve by the Vikings.

From what we can see right now, only one player that the Vikings cut on Saturday was claimed by another team. That player would be linebacker Michael Mauti, who was claimed by the New Orleans Saints. Mauti is a native of New Orleans, so he's going to be going home to continue his NFL career.

So, we can now start looking for the formation of the Vikings' 10-man practice squad. We will be tracking that in a separate post. But, for now, the team's 53-man roster is, surprisingly, exactly the same as it was when the final cuts were made on Saturday afternoon.