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Minnesota Vikings Practice Squad Tracker

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: This is the Vikings' practice squad as we know right now. Last updated at 3:36 PM Central.

DE B.J. Dubose
Isame Faciane
WR Isaac Fruechte
Anthony Harris
DL Zach Moore
LB Brian Peters
FB Blake Renaud
LB Brandon Watts
RB Dominique Williams
David Yankey

Nine of the ten members of the Vikings' practice squad were with the Vikings this past preseason. The lone exception to that is Moore, who comes to the Vikings from the New England Patriots. He played his college ball at Concordia-St. Paul, and was a sixth-round pick of the Patriots in the 2014 NFL Draft. We'll see if we can't get more on him over the next day or so.

The original article appears below.


Now that the waiver claim transactions have been processed, and the Minnesota Vikings have not been awarded any players through the waiver system, the team can now start putting together their 10-man practice squad. As only one player that the team released on Saturday was claimed by another team, the practice squad is likely going to be filled with a lot of familiar names.

So far, we can fairly confidently project three names for the practice squad, per Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Those three players are fullback Blake Renaud, wide receiver Isaac Fruechte, and linebacker Brian Peters.

One player that will not be on the practice squad is Babatunde Aiyegbusi, the big offensive tackle from Poland. Per a couple of different sources, he has acknowledged that the team has told him that he would not be brought to the practice squad. Since there is no longer an international exemption. . .something I just learned yesterday. . .it sounds like we've probably heard the last of the big man. Damn shame, that.

That leave seven more spots to be filled for the practice squad. We are going to use this post to track news of any practice squad signings that might come across the Twitters or other sources. Again, use this as an Open Thread, but don't fill it with GIFs or any of the other standard Open Thread chicanery.

UPDATE: Add a running back to the practice squad.

UPDATE: A couple more names to add to the practice squad.

UPDATE: A pair of offensive linemen to the practice squad, reportedly.

UPDATE: And we're up to 9, although it appears that the team is going to leave a spot open for now.

UPDATE: The team has filled the tenth spot on their practice squad with an outsider. This tweet comes from a beat writer for the New England Patriots.