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Join The Daily Norseman's NFL Pick 'Em Pool!

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Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we did the survival pool a little while back, and I said that we'd have a regular pick 'em pool as well. It took me long enough, but we've finally got it ready to go.

We're going to use Yahoo! Sports for our pick 'em pool once again, as we've done in past years. The picks are due five minutes before the start of each game. . .yes, starting with Thursday night's season opener. (Again, my apologies for my tardiness.) Remember, you don't have to have all your picks in by the time Thursday night's opener kicks off. . .just your pick for the opener.

The system at Yahoo! also uses something called "Confidence Points" as a part of their picks, and it's just what it sounds like. . .it's basically a ranking of how confident you are with your pick in each game. You assign a value to each game based on how sure you are your pick is the correct one. For Week 1 of NFL action, there will be 16 games, so you'll assign the game you're most confident in a value of "16," the next highest a value of "15," and so on down the line. If you get the pick right, you get that number of points. If you're wrong, you get a big ol' zero for that game.

Also, if you should happen to miss a week, that's okay, because the pool will drop your lowest weekly score. Only one, though. . .if you miss more than one week, you're probably in trouble in terms of the overall pool.

So, sign-ups for the pool are officially open. How can you sign up? Glad you asked!

-First, go to the Yahoo! Sports Pro Football Pick 'Em page.

-Click on the button that says "Join a Group."

-Under where it says "Join a Private Group," enter the league ID and password. The league ID is 44665 and the password is Sk0lVikings. That's a capital S at the beginning, a zero where the o should be, and a capital V.

-Register your pick set and start making your picks!

Once again, I believe that Yahoo! sets their limit at 100 entries, so jump on in, folks!