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NFL Playoff Weather: The Ten Coldest Games In NFL History

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

We've already told you that the NFC Wild Card contest at TCF Bank Stadium on Sunday between the Minnesota Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks is going to be one of the coldest in NFL history. The only question now is where it's going to rank on the list.

So that we can more easily figure that out later on, here is the list of the ten coldest games in the history of the National Football League, including temperatures and wind chill factors. Temperatures are listed in degrees Fahrenheit.

Date Location Teams Temperature Wind Chill
31 December 1967 Green Bay, WI Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers -13 -48
10 January 1982 Cincinnati, OH San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals -9 -59
7 January 1995 Kansas City, MO Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs -6 -15
4 January 1981 Cleveland, OH Oakland Raiders at Cleveland Browns -5 -20
20 January 2008 Green Bay, WI New York Giants at Green Bay Packers -4 -24
3 December 1972 Minneapolis, MN Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings -2 -26
15 January 1994 Buffalo, NY Los Angeles Raiders at Buffalo Bills 0 -32
26 December 1993 Green Bay, WI Los Angeles Raiders at Green Bay Packers 0 -20
10 December 1972 Minneapolis, MN Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings 0 -18
22 December 1990 Green Bay, WI Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers 2 -16

According to our latest update, this afternoon's game is definitely going to crack this list, and it may even break into the top five. We'll be keeping an eye on conditions leading up to kickoff today.