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Hey, How About A Minnesota Vikings Hype Video?

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Posted by Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, 10 January 2016

We've still got about two and a half hours to kill before the kickoff of the NFC Wild Card game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks, so why not kill a little bit of time before things get underway?

Courtesy of their official FaceBook page, here is a hype video for the Minnesota Vikings as they prepare to make their post-season run. It features a lot of their big plays from this past season, mostly called by Vikings play-by-play voice Paul Allen, and serves as a reminder of exactly how much fun this season has been so far.

Hopefully we'll get another opportunity to see a new video like this next week. . .because it would mean that the Vikings are advancing in the NFC Playoffs to take on the Arizona Cardinals. (Seriously, it would be a little silly to make a hype video if they lose this week, am I right?)

In any event, enjoy the video, folks!