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Minnesota Vikings Let Offensive Line Coach Jeff Davidson Go

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Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

At his final press conference of the 2015 NFL season, Minnesota Vikings' head coach Mike Zimmer made an announcement that was probably a little more surprising that he should have been.

When asked about whether or not there would be any changes on the coaching staff, Zimmer revealed that offensive line coach Jeff Davidson had been relieved of his duties.

Davidson was one of the few holdovers from Leslie Frazier's staff after Frazier was fired following the 2013 season, and had been with the team since Frazier was given the full-time job in 2011. The Vikings actively prevented him from interviewing for other jobs, including preventing him from interviewing for the same position with the Atlanta Falcons after last season. When asked about why he didn't renew Davidson's contract, the answer was pretty much pure Zimmer.

So, that's the end of that.

There hasn't been any solid word circulating yet about who might be brought in as a replacement, but it should be pointed out that the Vikings apparently contacted the Miami Dolphins about the availability of Dan Campbell. Campbell served as Miami's interim head coach this year after the Dolphins fired Joe Philbin. Campbell was the tight ends coach for the Dolphins before his promotion. Not that it has any connection to the new vacancy at the offensive line coach position, but it's a name to keep in mind.