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First Graders' Reaction To Sunday's Game Is Better Than Ours

We all know how Sunday's NFC Wild Card game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks ended. We also all know how we. . .and, unfortunately, how some others. . .reacted. Now, we get the reactions of some people that may, finally, have things in the proper perspective.

Enter the first grade class at Northpoint Elementary School in Blaine, Minnesota.

It turns out that the class is learning about empathy. (Maybe some of the "adults" out there can sit in on a session or two.) So, in a pretty good practical application of their newfound knowledge, they decided to show some support for kicker Blair Walsh, who missed what would have (likely) been the game-winning field goal with seconds remaining in the game.

Young kids are generally pretty honest, and they generally have a much more honest perspective on things because they haven't had enough time to get really, really jaded or anything yet. Granted, if most of them remain Vikings fans long enough, they'll get there, but for now this is a nice reminder of where priorities should probably lie.

EDIT: Apologies for the auto-play on this. I can't seem to find the option to turn it off in the embed code.