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Red McCombs Is At It Again

Elsa/Getty Images

Way back in the dark, dark days before The Daily Norseman came into existence, the Minnesota Vikings were owned by Red McCombs, a Texas businessman who was largely known for two things. . .used car dealerships and being the co-founder of Clear Channel Communications. McCombs bought the Vikings in 1998, and spent most of his ownership tenure attempting to procure a new stadium for the Vikings, using a potential move as leverage. He was unsuccessful due to the fact that there was still a substantial amount of time left on the Dome's lease, and he eventually sold the team to the Wilf family in 2005.

Now, more than a decade later, McCombs is back in the NFL relocation game again, as he's apparently leading a group that's attempting to get the Oakland Raiders to pull up stakes in the Bay Area and give Texas a third NFL team. McCombs says that he has twelve corporate sponsors lined up that are willing to make substantial commitments, and land in-between Austin and San Antonio that a stadium could be built on. He also said that he was willing to make an investment in the Raiders if that's what it would take in order to get them to move.

The Raiders were recently rebuffed in their efforts to return. . .again. . .to Los Angeles, as the NFL gave permission for the St. Louis Rams to move there starting next season, and gave the San Diego Chargers the first option to join them if they desired. There would likely be some hurdles in bringing a third NFL team to Texas, mainly attempting to convince the two owners of the current Texas teams. . .Jerry Jones (Cowboys) and Bob McNair (Texans). . .that the San Antonio market is viable.

McCombs is now 88 years old, and is still chasing his dream of bringing the National Football League to his hometown. Whether he has more success this time around than he did when he was the owner of the Vikings remains to be seen.