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Full-Season Fantasy Football vs. Daily Fantasy Sports

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A lot of fanatical football fans, myself included, have been playing fantasy football for quite a number of years. Personally, my involvement with fantasy football goes back almost twenty years, back when ESPN first started offering leagues that you could join through their website. While season-long leagues have been the king for a pretty long time, the advent of sites like FanDuel have taken the fantasy sports world by storm over the past couple of seasons.

So, which do you prefer? A league where you manage a team all season long, or the new wave of fantasy football that allows you to pick a new team every week?

There's a pretty solid case to be made for both sides, as far as I can see. As far as fantasy sports are concerned, there really is nothing quite like draft day/night/whatever. Doing it over the internet is one thing, but it's really something awesome to get together with a bunch of friends or co-workers at one of your local establishments of finer drinking. Over the course of a few hours, you can make fun of people's picks, throw things at the person to took the player you were going to take right before you, and generally just have a great time. And if they're your co-workers, you get to spend some of your downtime at the office talking smack.

Unless you're me, in which case you're on the receiving end of the smack far more often than the giving end.

On the other hand, in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports, last week doesn't matter. One of the players you picked got hurt and is going to miss Sunday's game? Well, you don't have to waste a roster spot or salary cap space on them. Did the no-name running back that scored twice last week the next big thing, or was that a fluke? Do you want to risk not having them on your roster when they go off again? Daily Fantasy Sports requires you to pay attention in the same way that a season-long league does, but you're paying attention to different things

So, which fantasy football format do you prefer?