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Minnesota Vikings Fire Strength Coach Evan Marcus

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Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings are continuing to shake up their coaching staff this offseason, relieving another member of the staff of their duties on Friday.

This time, the axe fell on strength and conditioning coach Evan Marcus. Marcus came to the Vikings as a part of Mike Zimmer's newly-assembled staff in 2014. During that time. . .whether it's a coincidence or a pattern. . .the Vikings' roster went through a rash of pectoral injuries. No fewer than five different Vikings. . .Phil Loadholt, Brandon Fusco, Brian Robison, Carter Bykowski, and Josh Robinson. . .suffered pectoral injuries over the past two seasons. As 1500 ESPN points out, running back Jerick McKinnon also suffered a back injury caused by weightlifting in 2014 that caused him to miss several games toward the end of that season.

Marcus apparently preached a weight program that favored the use of free weights over weight machines. Again, not being an expert on these sorts of things, it's not for me to say whether or not that's a part of what caused so many members of the team to suffer the same type of injury.

There hasn't been any word yet on who the Vikings will bring on to replace Marcus at this point. Marcus is now the third coach to part ways with the team this season, following offensive line coach Jeff Davidson and running backs coach Kirby Wilson.