An answer to the mailbag question by the troll on the norsecode


thing about the record for most playoff losses is simple though

it can also be seen as the vikings have made it to the post season 28 out of 55 seasons
that puts the vikings as the 2nd most playoff appearances in NFL history as well

only the Giants (31) Dallas (31) and Greenbay (31) have more playoff seasons i added in 2014 and 2015 as the above link doesnt have them added yet

and out of those teams only the Cowboys (1960 56yrs) dont have almost a hundred year history
Giants(1925 91yrs) Packers (1921 95yrs) the pack have been around since 1919 though they were independence until 1921

there was no post season till 1932 before that the best record won the NFL championship im removing the times that playoff didnt exist.

Giants have made it to 31 post seasons out of 84 season or 53 season without making the playoffs Playoff record 24-24 superbowl records 4-1

Dallas have made it also 31 times out of 56 seasons or missing the post season 25 times Playoff record 34-26 superbowl records 4-3

Greenbay has made it also 31 times out of 86 season or missing the post season 55 times Playoff record 32-21 superbowl records 4-1

the vikings have made it 28 times out of 55 season or 24 missed post seasons playoff record 19-28 superbowl record 0-4

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