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Report: Pat Shurmur joining Vikings coaching staff.

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Former Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur is reportedly joining the Vikings staff. It is uncertain what his role/title will be, but as of now it sounds no other coaches will be jettisoned to make room for him.

Pat Shurmur - Vikings Coach
Pat Shurmur - Vikings Coach
Dawgs By Nature

The Vikings are adding another offensive mind to the mix, as Fox Sports Jay Glazer reports tonight that Pat Shurmur will join the team:

There has been much speculation about which role Shurmur would take on since he'd been rumored to interview on Friday. Would he replace Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner? Would he be a "Passing Game Coordinator?" QB Coach? Well, we're not quite sure yet, but it seems as though no one else will be leaving, for now anyway. Via ESPN's Ben Goessling:

Even without clarity at this point, it's a surefire positive for a team that expected to see starting Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater take bigger strides than he did this year.  The offensive line was a huge hindrance, yes, but seven-step drops didn't help either for a large chunk of the year.

Norv Turner is a well-respected and experienced OC but the offense left much to be desired throughout points of the season. Shurmur is a respected QB developer and offensive mind, and was integral in helping Donovan McNabb reach his peak during his Eagles prime. This had to have been appealing to Head Coach Mike Zimmer and his young QB's future. Shurmur's also got some Head Coaching chops (albeit short-lived) with the Cleveland Browns.

It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out, but with the offseason barely underway, Zimmer has already gotten off to a solid start adding Shurmur and Offensive Line Coach Tony Sparano to the staff.

Bring on the #Turmur offense!