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NFC Playoff Picture: #5 Seed Likely Out Of Play For Minnesota Vikings

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Before everything got underway for Week 17 of NFL action, we updated you on the various scenarios that could happen to the Minnesota Vikings as far as where they'd be seeded in the NFC playoff field.

Well, we're not even halfway through the late games, and it looks like we can cross one of those scenarios off already.

They've just hit the two-minute warning in Glendale, Arizona, and the Seattle Seahawks are in the process of taking the Arizona Cardinals behind the proverbial woodshed. Seattle currently leads Arizona 30-6. . .yes, thirty to six. Barring a huge reversal of fortunes in the second half, it looks like the Seahawks are going to win this one and move their record to 10-6.

A victory by Seattle means that there is no scenario that would give the Vikings the #5 seed, which would give them a trip to play the Washington Redskins in D.C. on Wild Card Weekend. The reason for that is that if the Vikings were to lose to the Green Bay Packers this evening and fall to 10-6, the Seahawks would get the higher seed and the trip to Washington.

So, the new scenarios. . .if Seattle "holds on" to beat Arizona. . .are as follows:

-Minnesota wins: Vikings win NFC North, #3 seed, and a home playoff game against Seattle on Wild Card Weekend

-Minnesota loses: Vikings end up with #6 seed and a second consecutive game at Green Bay on Wild Card Weekend

Even though the Seahawks are laying waste to the #2 team in the NFC right now, I'd still rather see the Vikings win the NFC North this evening. We're getting closer to finally seeing how it all shakes out.