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NFL Playoff Weather: Seahawks/Vikings Is Going To Be A Cold One

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Now that they're going to have one more game at TCF Bank Stadium. . .at least one more. . .we can start looking at the game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks in Minneapolis next weekend. If you're planning on going to the game, you're probably going to want to wear layers.

And then throw layers on top of those layers, because it's going to be a cold one out there.

According to the folks from Weather Underground, the temperature at kickoff on Sunday is forecast to be a brisk 12 degrees Fahrenheit (or -11 for those of you heathens that are on the Celsius scale). Couple that with winds coming out of the northwest at 5-10 miles an hour, and the "feels" like temperature will be right at zero degrees. There isn't any snow forecast for Sunday, though snow is in the forecast for Friday and Saturday.

A temperature of 12 degrees would make Sunday's game the coldest game held at TCF Bank Stadium. The current low mercury mark belongs to last season's game against the Carolina Panthers, which was 13 degrees at kickoff. It will be a bit of a contrast from the first time these two teams played in December in Minneapolis, which featured temperatures in the upper 30s and very little wind.

If you're going to be making the pilgrimage to TCF Bank Stadium next Sunday afternoon, be sure to dress appropriately.