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Your Obligatory Post About Ragnar

You remember Ragnar, right? The former mascot of the Minnesota Vikings that was best known for leading the team out of the tunnel on a motorcycle had been with the team for over two decades, but he and the team "parted ways" during the lead-up to the 2015 NFL season.

And by "parted ways," what I mean was "dude thought he should be making six figures a year for ten minutes or so of work ten to twelve times a year and the team told him to pound sand."

Ragnar, whose real name is Joe Jurantich, was being paid $1,500 per appearance by the team for his work. He decided that his services were worth approximately $20,000 per appearance. The team disagreed, and that was that.

Well, apparently he's still a little salty about that, as he filmed the above video for Fox Sports in advance of yesterday's final weekend of regular season NFL action. He appears to be out in the woods and discovers a box with a cheesehead in it. . .after which he tosses his Vikings helmet into the snow, dons the cheesehead, and declares "Go, Pack, Go."

The Packers, no doubt inspired by Ragnar's leadership, went out and. . .lost to the Vikings by a final score of 20-13 to settle into second place in the NFC North behind Minnesota.

Say. . .is there any way we can get Ragnar a 12th Man jersey before Sunday afternoon's game?